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Contract Manufacturing

TSS: Contract Manufacturing

TSS Technologies provides complex electro-mechanical assemblies and turnkey contract manufacturing solutions, from Build to Print to Custom Equipment Design and Build. We are committed to excellence in full service contract manufacturing, including medical imaging, lab automation equipment, surgical robotics, food processing and more.

Engineering Resources

  • PLC controls engineering
  • PC software development
  • HMI software development
  • Redesign for efficiency, throughput, and cost reduction
  • Flexible & responsive to change throughout the development process
  • Design tools: SolidWorks, AutoCAD, FEA, and others
  • Integrated design data management system
  • External product & industrial design resources available

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Assembly
  • Testing & validating (FDA compliant)
  • Design for manufacturing – value engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Controls engineering (FDA compliant)
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Program management (PMI certified)

Example Products

  • Integrated Built to Print Job for garbage bag activation patterns and garbage bag drawstrings
  • Integrated Built to Print Job for robotic laser soldering cells
  • Preclinical Clinical Spect assemblies: quality, device history recording, traceability testing & qualification, design for manufacture, drop shipment to end user

Contract Manufacturing Services

TSS has the capability of taking your existing equipment designs and providing you with a finished system. Because of our extensive design and build capabilities, we can provide you with as much or as little support as you desire. Below is a sampling of some typical divisions of responsibility that are often employed on a Build to Print project. TSS can adapt a well-defined scope of responsibilities plan to accommodate your specific project needs and desires.

Build Only

You provide fabricated, commercial parts, associated hardware and or productive supplies along with assembly drawings and TSS builds system to print.

Procure and Build

You provide the BOM, Detailed Drawings, Assembly Drawings and TSS will procures all the required components and build system to print.

Turnkey Build

You provide TSS with either of these scenarios along with an Equipment Logic Program and TSS will build the system to print and validate the equipment at our facility.

Often Consumer Goods, Industrial, and Medical manufacturing organizations place an increased emphasis on reducing the time to transition products from design to manufacturing while simultaneously reducing the product technical risks. Unfortunately, most manufacturers also follow a serial process for completing the detailed design. Manufacturability is often not formally addressed because it is treated as an additional step that requires extra engineering effort and delays completion of the product definition. TSS’s manufacturing expertise can be used to your advantage by assisting your team during the design phase of your products development. Our team will work with your product designers to optimize the parts or processes required to manufacture your product. This assistance will result in a system that is efficient because of the equipment required and the subsequent overall capital cost incurred.

TSS can design and build custom semi to fully automated equipment to meet almost any system, manufacturing or process need you have. We will work with you to fully define your needs and take your new product from “idea to market” by creating the technologically appropriate manufacturing solution, following the process referenced below.

  • System Requirements Definition
  • Concept Development
  • System Prototype Design, Develop, Test
  • Final System Design
  • Component Selection
  • Equipment Build and Test
  • Technical Documentation
  • Factory Installation and Commissioning
  • Post-Installation Support

Custom Manufacturing Testing

  • Electrical, Motion, Pneumatic and Thermal performance
  • Runoff with product
  • Troubleshooting/debugging high precision equipment & instrumentation
  • Functional
  • Diagnostic
  • Continuity
  • Hi-pot

 Value Manufacturing

  • Managing the Supply Chain
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Material Specification Considerations
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Lean Manufacturing Principles Applied

Improvement and VA/VE

  • Thorough VA/VE Analysis on all programs
  • Six Sigma DMAIC programs in place
  • Dedicated black belt resources
  • Key Performance metrics and Balanced Scorecard
  • COPS process – Continual Improvement of Processes and Systems
  • 5S and lean manufacturing implementation
  • Program Management (PMI Certified)

Prototype to Production

  • Value Analysis/Value Engineering
  • Process Analysis
  • Design For Manufacturability
  • Cost Down Analysis
  • Supply Chain Analysis

Industries Served