TSS Industries Served

Our manufacturing experts will guide you through each process step by step.

Our expansive quality certifications, unique business unit structuring, and broad engineering capabilities have made us a manufacturing leader in a variety of industries.


TSS has 50+ years of experience machining various types of aerospace materials including high temperature nickel, aluminum, titanium and stainless steel alloys.

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Life Sciences

TSS System Integration and Engineering Group is proud to serve the Medical Industry as a provider of sophisticated Imaging Systems to the world’s top Medical Device Companies.

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TSS Technologies has served every segment of the oil and gas industry working with the biggest names across the globe. TSS also provides Automation Assembly Lines for Solar Panel builders and Wafer producers.

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Semiconductor and Solar

TSS Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 OEM Contract Manufacturer that provides equipment build services in the Semiconductor Production Equipment environments. We can also produce prototypes and then work to value engineer the equipment to drive out commercial and manufactured component costs.

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TSS Technologies currently serves every sport, at every level in every country. From product development, product enhancement, manufacturing, sales and distribution, TSS Technologies is known as the leader in new sports technology.

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TSS uses a focused approach from pre automation solutions to proof of principle, right to proceed, prototyping and our experience and earned knowledge across many industries.

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TSS Technologies is widely recognized as a leader in automotive component automation.

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Food & Beverage

TSS Technologies has an SQF approved baking facility. They provide a variety of food service packaging including vertical f0rm, fill, and seal.

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